Friday, June 3, 2011

as I promised...

I would show you a picture of the dresser, but before I do let me show you my bedroom....because soon its all going to change because of one piece of furniture and some chalk paint.
 Now don't get me wrong I love my bedding....... and ladies my mother made it all and soon she will be making me some more.

When I bought the dresser I wanted to put it in our bedroom and get rid of this beast.
 so if you want it come and get it.

 Now for the next phase of my bedroom. 
I'm loving the pillows from my sofa, and yes my mother made those too.  I've also had the striped fabric for a while and have never done anything with it, but soon my mom will be making something beautiful with it.
And now onto the dresser...... now don't kill me, I haven't even put the drawers back in and I still need to paint the old hardware, so until then here she is.....
 I cant wait to finish it!

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