Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sunday fun Day! (part one)

Last Sunday we took all the kids skiing,  It was so much fun...I cant wait to do it again.  I'm even brave enough to take Lillie by myself. 
I took so many pictures (like 300) I wish I could post them all, but I wont.

It was my brothers idea, so lets start with the stud, shall we.....

 Ready set go, Here we come
This is how Easton Skied most of the time.  I didn't rent her skis,
but I should have.
Some friends that came up with us rented skis for there little boy and once he was done we put them on Easton, and she loved it.

This is Tallyn, my nephew he is the "cool snowboarder"

 And this is my coolest husband who wears shorts when he goes snowboarding (dork)
And since my husband is a snowboarder
my brother had to give Lillie the low down on skiing,
but once she got the hang of it she loved it too.

 Merry Christmas from, the LaFata's (my next x-mas card, JK)

Easton enjoyed playing in the snow as much as she did skiing. 

 I will be back soon to share more pictures.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Easter Grass

I might have a small obsession of saving all my glass jars...whether its a spaghetti jar, a salsa jar, a cocktail sauce jar, whatever kind of jar... I save them and my collection is getting rather large. 

I was on pinterest the other day and I had seen some grass in baskets, and then I noticed that my new BF! was growing some as well, so of course I had to try this and since my collection of glass jars is getting a bit out of hand I thought they would be perfect for the grass.
So I gathered up my girls, my jars, some grass seed and some dirt.

We filled the jars with the dirt, added the grass seed, put more dirt on the top and then watered them with a squirt bottle.

I think the girls liked watering them the most.

I of course had to make some cute little sticks for the girls to add to there jar of grass.

I also mod podge fabric around the jars.

And below is my little Easton.....being Easton!

Hopefully, if all goes well we will have some Easter grass soon!

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I know Valentines Day has come and gone, but I never shared the pictures of Lillie's school party. It was easy-peasy (being the room mother and all).
We decorated cookies and the hit of the party was the cotton candy machine.
There is a young man in the class, who has a very cool grandma that loves to bring a little extra to the class party's.

 I also brought my little "party helper"

who I think was doing more of the "partying" then the "helping" 

 These girls are inseparable

I hope all the parents enjoyed their kids coming home all "sugared" up!!  I know it did!