Thursday, September 30, 2010

Birthday Wreath

....look at me, I finished it... just in time for her birthday tomorrow.  It's already hanging on my front door so that everybody that drives by can see it, because I'm sure that everyone looks at my front door when they drive by my house, but they will when they see this beauty.

Lets start from the beginning.....  while at Home Depot buying spray paint for my Halloween tree we walked down the pluming aisle don't ask my why, but we did,  I noticed this foam stuff that they had, so I picked the little feller' up and thought to myself this will work, all I need to do is tape the ends together and its only .97 wa-la, beets making another stop to the dollar store for a wreath, and you could get two wreaths out of it.
 Just cut the length that you need and tape the edges together.
Cover the wreath with fabric
I was lazy and taped the fabric on.
And I was even more lazy when it came to cutting strips of fabric....I already had these cut out, so i just used what I had. comes my favorite part, adding all the fab-u-lous 

a crown for the birthday girl with a paper flower
 some paper dollies

a #

and here it is all finished 
I used my cricut for the crown, #2, and celebrate.
and here's her cupcake birthday plate.  I glued a plate and a glass bowl that I turned upside down together with E-6000 glue.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I've been featured

I was featured over at, under the table and dreaming on the Sunday Showcase party for my Halloween house!!  Yeah! it's so cool!!


Tuesday, September 28, 2010


My Baby, Easton is turning 2 on Friday!!! I can't believe she is going to be two!! Times goes by way toooooooo fast. When you ask her how old she is going to be, she says "four" so apparently she wants to skip 2 and 3 and go right to four. If I could I would stop time and keep both my girls at this age. Don't we all want to do this.... maybe some day. But since I cant stop time, at the moment, how about some projects that I will be doing this week......

1. some sort of picture wreath to show off how cute the birthday girl is
2. cut down tree branches for my Halloween tree
3. I'm not going to have a number 3, 2 projects for me is penalty, since I have a small b-day party to plan.

so until I start them..... here is a picture of Easton and if i get off the computer i can start one of them, and have some pictures for you.
she waiting for some pictures!!


Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Weekend!

some Fall cuteness

My girls needed some new jackets for the fall, even thought it hasn't been fall like weather here, but trust me its coming.  This wonderful summer weather, will soon come to an end.   I was browsing the selections at Walmart and I came across these snuggly, warm, fuzzy jackets and I loved them, but they needed I added some cuteness!
 I cut a flower out with my cricut and then applied it on the back of the sweat shirts, added three circles on top of the flower and then sewed around the flower and the circles.
For the front I gathered a 1" stripe of fabric and added some more circles.

 aren't they just adorable???  Not to mention, the two girls wearing them.


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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Shane!

Our Little friend Shane turned 3 the other day, so we made him his very own cookie jar to go along with his other presents.  I have a ton of jars left over from my pin cushion obsession, that you can see here and here.  We filled the jar with chocolate animal crackers and made a cute little tag with my cricut.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Halloween House: Finished

Guess what..... I finished it, that's right, and I'm even done waaaaayyyyyy, before I thought I would be.  So are you ready to see some pictures?

I love the way it turned out!!  When I was putting all the paper on it, I did the cool mod podge trick, where you get your paper wet and then put it on the surface.  You will be surprised on how easy this makes it when you are trying to get it perfect and I find that I get no bubbles or wrinkles after it is completely dry.  You can go here  and here to see how it all began.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Chalk Board Door

I have always wanted to paint my pantry door with chalkboard paint, so the other day while I was waiting for Easton to wake up from her nap so that we could go to the grocery store I started browsing the Internet for some ideas and WA-LA, there are a TON of ideas out there.  So instead of going to the grocery store we went to home depot and got some of this:
The kind man at Home Depot told me everything that I needed, and then my kind husband told me everything that I didn't need....(no primer needed, but I did it anyways)

here is my before ugly brown door.....

here is my two coats of primer that I didn't need

are you ready for the it is.....
....don't you just love it!

Lillie does, even when I tell her its time for bed.
yes, I don't have my door knob on there, and that's because I'm going to get one of these beauties from my favorite store, Anthropologie..
I think I want the green one.

I also made some of these, waiting for the paint to dry.
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Monday, September 13, 2010

Halloween House, part 1

I'm loving the way the Halloween house is turning out, although it is kinda a pain so I thought I would show you what I have so far.  All the paper is form My Minds Eye, "Haunted".  Some of it is from last year.  I still have a lot of trimming to do, but Its almost 10:00 and that's when I turn into a pumpkin, plus I want the mod podge to try over night.
I can't wait for it do be done!!  Don't you just love the spiders crawling down the peeks,  eek!!  That's my favorite so far.

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Crafty Goals

Do you ever just have a ton of crafty stuff that you want to make, but there is just not enough time to do it mom, wife, daughter, friend, work, clean....Well that's me.  I have so much that I want to do, but I just have a hard time doing it all sometimes.  I see so much stuff out there that I want to make and there is always something else that I need to do before I can start another project.  So maybe if I take a picture of something that I really want to make and start it ASAP!!  it will get done and I can check it off my list.   So here goes, my first CRAFTY GOAL.

Goal:  Halloween House
Leana and I, once again want to make these house's.  She wants to make a christmas village and I want to make a Halloween House. we both, actually want to make both.
Date to be finished: Before October 1, 2010

                                  wish me luck!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Teacher Gift

What a week, I still cant believe that Lillie is in kindergarten, but she is loving every minute of it.... and so am I!  Lillie loves her teacher and a lot of people have told me how much they love her and that she is the best Teacher.  So THANK YOU Mrs. Homer for making Lillie's first week of Kindergarten GREAT!!
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