Thursday, July 29, 2010

just the two of us

.....we are off to Jackson Hole....just the two of kids..... just the two of us!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Picture Frame for Easton's room

I was reading on a blog the other day (and I wish I could remember which blog) but she was mod podging a picture frame. (which I love do) When she puts her paper on the frame she first puts her paper in water..... so I had to try it......

I cut out some flowers with my cricut, I started with a 4" flower and worked my way down to a 1" flower ending up with 8 flowers all together.

....Then you spray your flowers with water a scrunch them up. I only let mine sit for a minute and then I unfold them and stack them on top of each other.

take a brad and secure the layered flowers together

...and wa-la!! you have a beautiful layered flower!

Back to the mod podge frame. 1. I painted the inside of the picture frame pink 2. i traced the frame onto paper and cut it out 3. then I mod podged the top of the frame (sorry, I was bad about taking pictures of this part) 4. and then I took my paper and ran it under water and placed it on top of the frame, while its still wet I added one more layer of mod podge.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tag/Card Party

Every so often some girls of mine get together and exchange cards.... We usually do it once a month or every other month, it just depends on how busy we all get. This last time we (I) decided that we would do tags. So we all had to make three different tags... a boy tag, a girl tag, and one of your choice. And here is what we created......

Heidi's Tags:

Marci's Tags:

Cori's Tags:

Kaussi's Tags:


Leana's Tags:

After we all make our cards, which usually we all have them done at least 3 or 4 weeks before the date of the card party, nobody ever waits to do them the night before or the day of the exchange......(hehe!) we meet, usually for dinner and exchange them.... It's really fun and we all enjoy doing it.

Hope you enjoyed!!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

4th of July project

I wanted some patriotic decor around my house even though July 4th has come and gone.... but here in Utah we still have the 24th of this is what i came up with. I knew I wanted to make a pinwheel..hehe.. but I wanted a big one, so I was looking around my craft room to see what I could use and wa-la it was sitting on the floor.... a "Roberts" shopping bag....

I used three of the shopping bags, added some 3-d stars added another type of pinwheel, but I think it needs something sparkleeee....

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Lemonade Stand

When I was little I remember selling oatmeal, not so much Lemonade, but oatmeal... don't ask me why, but that is what we did. I even remember wearing a red "dress up" dress. The other day Lillie and her friend Asha wanted to make a lemonade stand, so we headed to the dollar store for some freshly made lemonade, cups & ring pops. We where ready for our stand, but not until we made some crafties for the table....

just some cute pictures of Lillie...

a lemonade banner

Some pinwheels and of course some cute jars to hold all the goodies!

waiting for some sales....

.25 cents for a cup of lemonade and for a ring pop
Wouldn't you want to buy lemonade from this stand and from these girls.....