Wednesday, January 30, 2013

{snow. bored. Easton}

Easton and I get to spend all day together, 
except for the 2 hours she goes to pre-school twice a week.
And some days we get really, really, bored.  Especially with all this snow we have been having.  We get stuck inside playing ponies and making silly/scary faces.  Until Lillie gets home, and then Easton wants nothing to do with me.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

{Christmas Card Holder}

Hello there and Happy NEW YEAR!
I LOVE getting Christmas cards, its like opening a present everyday in 
December and even a few in January. I usually pack them up in a box with the rest of my Christmas stuff.  
This year I made a little something to keep them all together.

All you need is:
Christmas cards
 a book ring
 a hole punch and of course a cute cover.  

 Don't forget to decorate the inside of your cover.

And wa-la! you have all your cards together for that year.

It's freezing, just like it has been the last week or so, so its a slipper day.