Thursday, November 18, 2010

Christmas House

 I love when I get things done, don't you?  Here's my first Christmas house that I finished....

the "L" is for LaFata, our last name, just in case some of you are wondering, or if some of you might think its for something!!  
 cute little feller', dont you think?

I have one more little house that I'm still working on. You can go here to see where I got everything!  Happy crafting...........

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

purchase & exchange with the girls

Here are the cards that Leana, Marci and I made this month.  We haven't been very good about doing this.  We all have young kids, work, Halloween and I'm sure a ton of other stuff that keeps us busy.  But we all made one this month.  

Leana made the cutest, most smallest card ever!!
Marci made a cute little box with her NEW Cricut Imagine, lucky girl!
 and I made this card.
 All the stamps are from Stampin Up' and if you want to order anything from them, Leana would love to do that for you.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

be thankful

I have completed my banner that I wanted to hang on my mantel.  I just wish I had a $4,000 camera to take better pictures.  I have been reading some stuff about my point and shoot that helps me with close ups, but I just cant seem to get those far-away-ones, but someday I will get my camera.  So for now we will just have to be thankful for what we got........
 my "h" wont stay up (need to figure something out)
Here's how it all went down:
I made some of these
...that turn out like this
 and then put them together and you get a ton of these
It was really easy to make, the hardest part was stringing it.  The book pages are super light so the string kept riping the paper.  I love it, and there is not a ton of stuff on the banner, which is unusual for me.   I'm just thankful that it is done and hanging!


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Fall is here...

well its been here for a while now, but it just arrived in my back yard this morning...

 the dog.. he also has been here for a while too!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I made these pumpkin's last year and I have been seeing them pop up all over now.  Every month I go to a Stampin' Up card class at Cindy's  and we make cards and other cute stuff and last year we made a small one of these.  After making one and thinking it was the cutest thing ever, I came home and whipped some up with my CRICUT. 
 I put ribbon on the top, most use paper, but I kinda like ribbon more!
 can you tell I'm making some more blocks to go along with my pumpkin's, but I ran out of Mod Podge, who does out of mod podge??

I really don't remember how I made these, but as soon as I do, I will share with all of you.  I found some more that I cut out that I never made, so as soon as I make will all come back to me.  But I'm petty sure you smart ladies can figure it out.  

 Thanks for looking!