Thursday, September 16, 2010

Chalk Board Door

I have always wanted to paint my pantry door with chalkboard paint, so the other day while I was waiting for Easton to wake up from her nap so that we could go to the grocery store I started browsing the Internet for some ideas and WA-LA, there are a TON of ideas out there.  So instead of going to the grocery store we went to home depot and got some of this:
The kind man at Home Depot told me everything that I needed, and then my kind husband told me everything that I didn't need....(no primer needed, but I did it anyways)

here is my before ugly brown door.....

here is my two coats of primer that I didn't need

are you ready for the it is.....
....don't you just love it!

Lillie does, even when I tell her its time for bed.
yes, I don't have my door knob on there, and that's because I'm going to get one of these beauties from my favorite store, Anthropologie..
I think I want the green one.

I also made some of these, waiting for the paint to dry.
Thanks for looking!


  1. It turned out so cool! I love it! I was totally wondering if you used primer before! Wish I had a diir to do that on :-). Love the towl too!

  2. So fun. I have been wanting to try chalk board paint.

  3. I love Anthropologie and dreaming about how I can use it! Lucky girl!

  4. I love your chalkboard door. It looks so cute. I found your blog through Just a Girl and I am your newest follower.