Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mason Jars, Again!

I don't know if you have noticed, but sometimes when I love something I tend to make them over and over and over, again .... like the lollies or the rolled paper flowers.  Well this time its the pin cushion mason jars.  But first let me tell you why I made some more..... Leana, Marci and I have a Stampin' Up club that we go to every month and a while back I had suggested that we make each other a card using the stuff that we ordered form Stampin' Up, but we had to use everything that we ordered on one card.  We call it the purchase and exchange or the buy and exchange, (I really can't remember what we call it, but it sounds good, right?)
....Well when I sat down to use my new stuff and to make their cards, the mason jars where staring at me to use them again..... so I did!  I made one for Leana and Marci, and myself of course using my new alphabet set.  The little birdies where from my last month's order that I never got a chance to play with, or to make them something.

A special little note for my ladies!


  1. What a sweet idea for a mason jar!! I love them myself, but have never thought to do something so creative!

  2. Ahh! I am so excited! Love love love them! Thank you! Now my card looks lame next to your jar! :D