Thursday, October 14, 2010

the dresser

She is done!!!  I was really nervous to start this project.  I have painted many things, before, but nothing this big and nothing like this.  I wanted  it to look like every other painted piece of furniture that I have been stocking.......  I wanted it to be turquoise, but when I went to Home Depot to pick out the paint I totally chickened out and I went with something wayyyyy lighter... Jade by Behr is the color I chose.
  Here she is before in all her glory, yes some knobs are missing and one of the drawers is not so straight, but we have all the knobs and I just threw the drawer in there so that I could take a picture of it.
I primed it with two coats and then painted it with two coats, and then the MR. painted one more coat.  I didn't sand any of it before don't judge me, this is my first time, hehehehe!!

and here she is all done!
After I (we) where done painting it  I used the hand sander and sanded some edges.  And then I glazed her.  I made my own glaze.  I used a acrylic paint: Burnt Umber.  I was really nervous about this part, but it was actually pretty easy.

She needs new knobs, but that will have to wait.   So for now she is in my craft room in the closet, waiting to be filled will all my stuff Junk!



  1. Chicken! Just kidding for sure! I love it!!! Its so pretty and I can't wait for you to help me paint mine! :-)

  2. its a beautiful dresser, with 3 types of drawers and cabinets to satisfy the user, i think its a perfect thing for a living room, its color and design are vintage but it would look very good in modern setting too
    AboutCabinets Blog

  3. Thanks for the visit, glad you like it, you did a great job, looks beautiful...

  4. Great result. It's a lovely set of drawers!

  5. it is beautiful!! I love the side door, makes it special:)

  6. It turned out just beautiful. you did a great job!

  7. This is a beautiful piece, and you did a fabulous job repainting and glazing it! Awesome.

    So glad you could Mi4M!