Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tomorrow is Lillie's last day of school.  I might cry.  She has loved school and we have loved her teacher, Mrs. B.  Lillie's is probably the only kid that I know of that is sad that school is out for summer.  She wants to go to summer school.  
Last night we made some goodbye gifts for her friends and Mrs. B.

I saw these cute free baggie toppers HERE

I saw this idea on printerest, I of course added one of my favorite bows.

I love this girl and how much she loves school!



  1. How cute are the bag toppers! I love all the printable stuff you have been doing! And what a cute take on all the "Simply" bottles I have been seeing all over Pinterest. Love it all!

  2. You are seriously the cutest mom!!! Love the gifts.