Tuesday, June 19, 2012

{my book}

I posted about my book a couple of weeks ago and when I was playing around I accidentally deleted the post.  So here we go again.
I saw that my favorite scrapbooker was making one of these, but I didn't forgot to register for the class.  I would love to take one of her photography workshops that she offers or any of her scrapbooking class that she does.  She is my everything idol....hehehe!!  I also new that I could make one of the books on my own, and as of lately I have seen a bunch pop up on pinterest.  So here's {my book} take two....

I have a ton of pictures from when we got our family pictures taken (obviously a while ago, since Easton is a baby) and instead of just scrapbooking my favorites, which lets face it, there all my favorite.  I thought I would put them all in one book.

I got the book from the dollar store.
I painted the front of the book.
I'm using all my scrap paper to do this.


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  1. Look at you busy little blogger! And crafter, and shopper, and hiker, and swim mom, and baker, and.......... :). Love all the new pages on display of your book! And I for sure need the recipe for the bars!