Saturday, October 8, 2011

New obsession

Remember back when I had a small obsession with pinwheel flowers?
Well the other day Margie Romney-Aslett tweeted a picture of some treats she was giving to her neighbor's, and as always she had the cutest "junk" tag on them.  So I had to give them a try and now I'm obsessed.

My jars did look like this...

 But, now they look like this...

Much cuter, don't you think?
They also make cute tags for chocolate chip pumpkin bread.

And just in case you where wondering..... my mantle is the same as it was last year. 
 This is the only new item that has been purchased.
 My favorite!

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  1. Hey there... want to make some tags?? Thanks, Valarie

  2. I love the bows! I love the pages in them! What a cute idea!!!! The chocolate chip pumpkin bread is for me, right :). And thank you again for my letters and scallop circles!!!! My banner turned out super cute!

  3. Oh, also, where did you get those darling black SPOOKY balls from?? Love them!!