Sunday, January 16, 2011

craft room

I love my craft room, it may not be the best of the best, but at least I can leave my stuff out and I don't need to clean it up every time I pull something out.  In our first house I scrapbooked out of a box.  I had all me stuff in one container and every time I pulled it out on to the kitchen table, it would either stay there for days or I would have to clean it up that same day.  Or I would sit on my floor in front of the TV and scrap on the floor.....and I would have all day to do it.  A lot has changed....two kids later.... I only come down during nap time or when they are in bed.....but this is what I get to come down to... and I love it!!
  Lillie loves it too! and my Ipod.
And yes, I'm only showing you the one side of my craft room.  The other side might be a little messy, we all know that no ones likes to show off there messy craft room, but yet we all love it and we know where every thing is.  I wont be afraid and I will take some picture's and show you......
hold please.......

OK, I did it.  I took pictures of the other side...the messy side of my craft room, and I promise you, I picked nothing up.
 Here's my dresser that I re-painted and shoved in the closet, and now I shove everything on top of it.
Look, I'm posting on blog in the picture, he-he-he!
a little table for Lillie, she likes to come down & craft with me when Easton is napping
So here it is ladies...... Don't be a shamed of your messy crap room, I mean Craft room.
Happy Crafting!!


  1. I love your craft room, there is where the magic happens...messy or not you are right we know where our things is?

    I have also signed up as your new follower.

    Thanks for sharing!.


  2. What a cute little craft room! We all need our own little space, right?! I am getting my own craft room organized right now!! Thanks for sharing!


  3. Ha! You have inspired me to get mine cleaned up! No pictures until it is all finished though! I am not brave like you :).