Tuesday, August 31, 2010

...On the first day of school

She started Kindergarten and I didn't even cry!  Can you believe it.... but there is a reason why I didn't.  But before I tell you about that part of it, lets start with Lillie.

Sunday night we made her favorite dinner, chicken Alfredo, salad and corn....

Easton was pretty excited too! 
 ....The big day, 

Good morning sunshine, its time to wake up and go to school... its your first day.  

I put Easton in her bed to help wake her up.
 We have bagels with cream cheese for breakfast.
Lillie was so excited, me..... not so much this is when I started to get a little nervous about sending her to school, but we all got dressed and headed outside (or should I say garage, since it was a down poor) to take pictures.

doesn't she look so cute, in her new school clothes?

OK mom that's enough pictures.................lets go!!!

At this point I'm running a little bit late, but just Amber late, I still have like 15 minutes until school starts and it only takes us about 2 minutes to get to school.  So we hop in the car, get to school, run inside because it's still a down poor and there are moms and dads all over the place taking pictures of there cute little kiddo's.   I'm still not crying!!  So now, I'm trying to get Lillie to sit at her table so that I can get one more picture and this is when I can start to feel the tears coming,  but my little Easton is kinda being a little "terdston" as we like to call her.... all she wants to do is sit with Lillie and color, So I tell Lillie goodbye and and give her a kiss and start walking out the door.....
.....and this is why I didn't cry the whole entire day......
yes, that's right I had on two different shoes.  Yes, I went into Lillie's class room took pictures, tyred to get my loud 1 yr old to stop coloring on the tables, with two different shoes.  And that is why I never cryed.  I noticed my shoes as I was walking out of the class room and I was trying to pick up Easton.  All I could do is laugh about it, and I'm still laughing about it.  So yes, I'm going to me that mom with the two different shoes on the first day of school.
Now back to Lillie's day,
There's my Lillie walking out of school.
And this is her at Subway!  Lillie had a wonderful day at school, and she loved every minute of it. 


  1. Hello! Amber

    I have been following your blog for quite sometime and been reading your entry every now and then. I love to see Lillie and Easton, both your girl are adorable. My time will come soon when my girl is big. All the photos are good for you to scrap. The shoes thing, that is so funny! Hop on to my blog whenever you free. Take care. Cheers, Yuzz

  2. we all have these moments.....and they really are the BEST ones ever! Soooo funny! Im so glad Lillie had a great day!