Monday, August 27, 2012

Back to school Dinner

Summer is over, {insert tear here} 
And what better way to celebrate going back to school then to have a 
back to school dinner.  I started doing the tradition when Lillie started preschool, but this year we add more to our party.
we invited Nanny & Papa, Scott, Tallyn, Skyler and G-Ma.

We had Class Rules:

The adults had new names for the evening:

I bought the picture frames from Ikea for the kids and added a  picture of them and the grade that they are going into:

We had Class Clowns:

Lillie and Easton made the table runner out of a book, 
ripping the pages out and gluing them together:

It was also Johns Birthday!  
Happy Birthday to my best friend.
This is the last year in his 30's. YIKES!


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  1. I can't believe your baby is getting into school! Where does the time go! The back to school dinner turned out so cute! I love the table runner and the placemats! And I love the school rules! All of the adults had perfect titles! Cute as always!:)