Monday, July 23, 2012


A few weeks ago we went for a little camping get away, we went during the week thinking we would have the whole place to ourselves, but boy where we wrong.  The campground was still pretty full.  Our destination was Washington Lake, up in the Unitas.  

We made flower arrangements

Tallyn collected our firewood, like any teenager would....
{notice he is dragging the wood with a tie down}

We hung out in our underwear.

My mom, dad and Tallyn came up for the day to fish.

Some of us flew his plane {John}

While others just hung out.

We caught fish.

We {boy} played with the fish.

We took lots of pictures.....du!

We made S'mores. 

We took more pictures.

We went for a hike.

We pose like Lillie.
{in every picture that I take of her, she does this pose}

And most of all, we had a good time!


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  1. Forget paying someone else for a photog/editing class. I will just pay you! Your pics look awesome!