Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lillie's Birthday Festivities

Lillie had quit the birthday this year. 
We do birthday parties every other year,
so this year it was party on...
and that is what we did......

Lets start from the beginning......
Good morning, BIRTHDAY GIRL!

 Sad little sister because those presents are not for her.

Birthday breakfast, french toast...yum! 

Happy little sister, once you give her some food. 

All ready for school and receiving some birthday wishes!

Moving on to her birthday dinner....
Ok, So I don't have any pictures of dinner, but we made her favorite,
which is chicken Alfredo. 
So moving on to cupcakes and presents...

 Thinking of her wish!


 Such a nice big sister.

 receiving more birthday wishes.

 Thank you G-Ma!

Happy Birthday, Lillie up, the party!

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